Chialuka Turns 2

The only son to one of my friends from way back, turned 2 today!

Like most moms, she was very excited! So as the wielder of cameras, I did the honorable thing and turned up to take pictures.

Chialuka's Birthday 0113

The face painter had her hands full making all the children up. Several managed to stay still enough for that.

Chialuka's Birthday 0010

There were bubbles blown alright! One girl in particular was especially overtaken by the fun that is bubble blowing.

I may have screamed like a little child when I saw Pikachu walk into the hall. There may have been one child more excited than I was, but I doubt that seriously.


Chialuka's Birthday 0063

Just as I was finally calmed down and behaving like an adult again, Mickey mouse turns up! Honestly, I don’t quite know how I held it together long enough to take these pictures. It’s all a blur. I was so glad Minnie wasn’t there. Mickey is mine!

Chialuka's Birthday 0035

It isn’t uncommon for little children to abhor the faces of these awesome cartoon characters in person. The birthday boy was no exception.

Chialuka's Birthday 0036

He wanted out, and he wanted out NOW!

Fortunately for Mickey, there were a few that were almost as happy to see him as I was.


Chialuka's Birthday 0032

There were a few games arranged for the children. One being “Pass the Parcel”. As a child, I remember being secretly competitive in this game. I knew it was just a game, but it would wound me deeply to loose. In this moment, I was glad that I was behind the camera and not on the floor participating. It may have gotten ugly.

There was of course food and cake. A delicious, chocolate “Thomas the Tank Engine” cake. This is probably one of the greatest things about birthdays. What other event are you expected to toss your diet out of the window in favour of the obligatory cake eating in honor of the celebrant? It’d be wrong not to eat it. Guilt-free. Bliss!

The birthday boy agrees. He stabbed right into his Thomas’ face.


The guests were truly such a beautiful group of people.

Chialuka's Birthday 0050

Chialuka's Birthday 0144

Things got a little wild when I pulled out the fish eye lens.

Chialuka's Birthday 0182

The party was really a lot of fun, despite a few tears here and there.

Kids! Gotta love ’em!