Uchenna Ebilah is the epitome of my ideal photographer. She took my engagement shots for three different looks and not only did she deliver excellent shots, she also contributed to the inspiration for each shoot, and wrote befitting stories to describe the shoots.

During our consultation, my fiancée and I told her about our wedding theme and style and the look we were going for, we conceived the idea and she simply brought it to life!

Working with Uchenna was a great experience, we were able to be ourselves, and just like she said everything came out organically natural.

I would recommend the Helping Eye Photography for any type of photo-shoot because in every picture she delivered I could watch our story unfold with brightness, realness and an impeccable amount of natural lighting that allowed our skin hues to glisten and be seen at its best.

She’s a stickler for perfection and its apparent in her eye catching work, we are so elated with our engagement shots, Uchenna captured hundreds of memories that we will cherish forever!! Chinyere Onuma Chukukere, Maryland, USA

Chinyere Onuma Chukukere, Maryland, USA
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My name is Tony. I am both a photographer and a model with a reasonable amount of experience in both fields.

I am more than happy to give a favourable recommendation for Uchenna (The Helping Eye Photography). I found her to be reliable, truthful and extremely imaginative. She does not mess you about with arrangements, turns up on time, is very sociable and easy to communicate with.

As a photographer, she is extremely professional in her attitude and easy to work with. She provides clear directions, but does it in a manner that makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

She was very comfortable working on the different levels required for my shoot, which was a mix of fully clothed to nude. She made the shoot fun and me feel completely comfortable.

Uchenna knows her own mind, which is refreshing, and the results of all her work is professional. I was astonished to discover that her editing work is minimal, as most of the colours in my shots were derived from her carefully changing settings on her camera and utilizing light brilliantly. Simply remarkable work, producing excellent, imaginative and some thought provoking images which I love.

I would be only too delighted to work with her again, and am sure other models who work with her will also enjoy a positive and rewarding experience.

It would be my pleasure to recommend her any day. Tony S., Cheshire UK

Tony S., Cheshire UK
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 Uchenna freezes magical moments in time.

What I admire most about her standard of professionalism is that she goes above and beyond what the job commands and really works toward catching you at your break of expression to ensure that you have a gem for reference, for years to come.

Uchenna follows your movements and works toward getting to know you to help you build your time capsule for the future to always remember the joy you shared at that moment.

She leaves you feeling like family and that off camera experience is a memory within itself. Ngeri Nnachi (DesignsByNgeri), Minnesota, USA

Ngeri Nnachi (DesignsByNgeri), Minnesota, USA
About Ngeri Nnachi (DesignsByNgeri), Minnesota, USA

The life, energy and soul of an entire event can be captured in just one snapshot. This is what Uchenna does, and she does it well! Ngozi Onuma, Maryland, USA

Ngozi Onuma, Maryland, USA
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