The Miracle Trainer

Adrian Taylor (Ade) came running to my rescue when I wanted to whip my bod into shape.

His fit, smart and kind nature made it impossible to not force him on the other side of my lens.


You’re probably wondering why I call him the “Miracle Trainer”, huh?

I put out an ad on gumtree for a personal trainer. It was more of a cry for help to be honest. At the time, I was unemployed and severely overweight. Essentially, I had reached rock bottom. The great thing about rock bottom is that there is little to no pride or facades left to juggle.

Two weeks after placing my ad, I received an email from this guy. Ade, agreed to meet with me, and after an assessment, he decided to take me on as his own personal project.

In a world where nothing is free, I was really astonished that my one attempt in crying out for help was met with success from a genuine fellow.





I’ve been fortunate to have many experiences with good Samaritans. It truly inspires me to, in one way or another, be a miracle to someone else.

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