The Nameless Nudist

Being a bit bashful myself, I’m always very intrigued by people I meet who are the no holds barred type. I’ll admit to living vicariously through them, particularly in the case of this lovely, nameless, model who enjoyed the nudist lifestyle.

Twice a year, he vacationed with his wife in Le Cap d’Agde, a small seaside town in the Languedoc-Roussillon region of south-central France. Specifically, Le Village Naturiste – a the nudist colony.

He was fascinating in his stories of his life, including his survival of a heart attack and subsequent surgeries. His experience had certainly brought him some perspective, and left him with an extreme level of comfort in his own skin.

It was disarming, and yet I felt a little jealous (yet happily locked away in my cage of reservation, thank you very much).

Don’t get me wrong, in the privacy of my own space, you couldn’t pay me to not be skantily clad. I do all sorts of odd things in the nude. From cooking to exercising. However, I reserve all that madness for my eyes only, and you are quite welcome.

Perhaps one day, when I’m less prudish about my own body in public, I may just find myself on the beaches of Le Village Naturiste, running butt naked into the ocean screaming “FINALLY!”

If there is enough wine, one day – maybe.

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